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Welcome to Prickly Pear TX Wholesale

Please read these wholesale policies and then apply by filling out the form at the link at the bottom.

By signing up as a wholesale account, you agree to the following guidelines, please note anyone not adhering to these rules are subject to have their order and/or wholesale account cancelled without notcie:

  • 4 minimum PER DESIGN mix and match on the website (we cannot add on to a previous order whether it has shipped or not)
  • You must have been in business for at least 3 months.
  • Our tees have a 2-9 business day turnaround depending on item popularity
  • We PREPRINT labels, so you may get a tracking notification quickly as we prepare your order but they will not ship once printed for a few more days!
  • Run preorders at your own risk. 
  • Tees are subject to change brands in closest color option if inventory is an issue.
  • Add-ons are only allowed but will ship separately with additional shipping costs unless your invoice is still open.
  • Anyone selling tees under suggested retail will be removed immediately. Suggested retail can be found on our Facebook page and our website. Each item should be no less than our own prices. New releases must not be put on sale for at least 30 days. 
  • Absolutely no replicating our designs, you will lose your wholesale account immediately and also receive an email from our attorney.
  • Open sizing for all designs.
  • No returns unless item is sent damaged. We are not responsible for items damaged by customer. Also, we will not accept any worn tees back.
  • If you receive a damaged tee, please email us at pricklypeartx@gmail.com, and we will get a return label sent out promptly. We must be notified of damaged items within 4 business days of receipt in order to process return.
  • We do not ship orders through customers shipping accounts currently. All orders will be paid for at time of order via Shopify, and we will ship through our Shipstation account.
  • No cash returns, store credit only. Anything sent back damaged will receive a replacement of that same tee. If tee is no longer in stock, we will issue store credit to your account. 
  • No BUY IN groups allowed. Anyone found to be selling PPTX tees in a buy-in group will lose their wholesale account immediately. Please report anyone selling in a Buy-In group.
  • No  Vinyl or print shops that produce their own tees.
  • Once order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. All wholesale orders stand once placed. 
  • Item description is available for each tee. By ordering the tee, you're accepting responsibility of reading product descriptions
  • Retail coupon codes are NOT allowed to be used for wholesale orders. Anyone using retail codes used on wholesale orders will be refunded and cancelled immediately.
  • We do not currently offer zip code protection. You can find out more info on this here.

*Please note that not all of our products are available for wholesale. You can always shop wholesale only (once your account has been approved) by clicking here.

Thanks so much! We look forward to working with you!


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